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The Simpsons predicted 9/11 (foto The New York Times)

9/11 FORETOLD Official Trailer

Gepubliceerd op 25 okt. 2014

Official Website http://9/11foretold.com

A movie the Mean Stream Media doesn’t want you to see!

This captivating, feature length, documentary film examines, in detail, the mystery of coincidences leading to the event on September 11, 2001. It explores the Mean Stream Media prior to, and leading up to, that fateful day. It will weave together a tapestry of movies, TV series, cartoons, commercials, books, comics, games, music albums, magazines, advertising, brochures, publications, posters, paintings, novelty items, and even US Currency, to reveal secret messages that foretell 9/11 years before it happened.

This will be the first full length documentary of its kind to explore these topics. This film is not just another documentary about 9/11, nor is it a “conspiracy theory,” but attempts something much more ambitious and provocative.

It will reveal not only how the Media foreshadowed the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, but foreshadow the same details as well (this is, that “terrorists” would be involved. Planes would be the weapons; the Twin Towers would collapse while the Pentagon would be damaged; this event would be referred to as 9/11; the destruction of the WTC would be called “Ground Zero”; and more).

As unbelievable as it sounds, these facts are undeniable. However, the “reason” for these facts are still a mystery. Is it because of coincidence, synchronicity, deduction or foreknowledge? Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain. This film will be visually stunning, have intense music, compelling narration, thought provoking messages, and will hold your interest throughout.

Whether or not you believe the official story of 9/11, you’ll find this documentary invaluable. Whether the facts presented in this movie are just a coincidence, or proof of foreknowledge, this film will open up your Mind to a hidden World you never knew existed.

9/11 Foretold is also a platform for discussion about these issues and the events surrounding September 11, 2001.

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Was 9/11 Predicted in Cartoons and Movies Years ahead of Time? (1)

Gepubliceerd on 17 apr. 2013

A small compilation of clips from movies and cartoons that have the idea or prediction of an attack on the World Trade Center. I might do another one. Just because of the endless clips like these depicting something happening to the World Trade Center or the date 9/11 .

Here it is PART 2


Was 9/11 Predicted in Cartoons and Movies Years ahead of Time? (2)

Published on 14 okt. 2014

A small compilation of clips from movies and cartoons that have the idea or prediction of an attack on the World Trade Center.

Here is the original


9/11 Foretold in The Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen” Saw it Coming in March, 2001.

If you are familiar with the X Files, you are probably familiar with the eccentric trio of conspiracy researchers known as “The Lone Gunmen.” What you may not have been aware of is that in 2001, there was a spin off of the X Files that centered around these three men. The Lone Gunmen only lasted 13 episodes from March to June of 2001, but it’s what happened in the pilot episode that is of historical significance.

John Byers, Melvin Frohike, and Richard Langly routinely assisted Fox Mulder in his X Files investigations throughout the course of the parent series. In the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen, Byers finds out his father Byers SR – a long time government contractor – died in a car crash under highly suspicious circumstances. Along with their fellow hacker Kimmy, they stumble across a Department of Defense file known as “Scenario 12 D while digging into the murder.

BYERS Find something?

KIMMY  Yep. I wound up in some government think tank’s upload directory. Here’s your scenario’s, ladies.

BYERS It’s in clear. Counter terrorism scenarios. War games developed for the Defense Department.

FROHIKE What’s Scenario 12 D?

Kimmy clicks on the file. A dialog box on the screen opens.

Domestic Airline In Flight Terrorist Act

LANGLY Airline terrorism? That doesn’t make sense. Your father was murdered over a War game?

As it turns out, [SPOILER ALERT!] Byers SR was not dead and had in fact faked his own death. When the two are reunited, Byers demands to know what “Scenario 12 D was.

BYERS What is scenario 12 D?

BYERS SR doesn’t respond.

BYERS We know it’s a War game scenario. That it has to do with airline counterterrorism. Why is it important enough to kill for?

BYERS SR Because it’s no longer a game.

BYERS But if some terrorist group wants to act out this scenario, then why target you for assassination?

BYERS SR Depends on who your terrorists are.

BYERS The men who conceived of it the first place. You’re saying our government is planning to commit a terrorist act against a domestic airline?

BYERS SR There you go again. Blaming the entire government as usual. In fact, a small faction (…)

BYERS For what possible gain?

BYERS SR The Cold War’s over, BYERS. But with no clear enemy to stockpile against, the arms market’s flat. But bring down a fully loaded 727 into the middle of New York City and you’ll find a dozen tin pot dictators all over the World just clamoring to take responsibility, and begging to be smart bombed.

BYERS I can’t believe this. This is about increasing arms sales?

Byers SR  informs him that the plan was to take place that night on a flight headed to Boston. They quickly decide to foil the plan and board the doomed plane. Onboard they discover the government is using a remote control to navigate the aircraft. Back at home Frohike and Langly attempt to figure out the course of the jet.

FROHIKE I’m mapping the data now.

The monitor changes to show a map. The map increases in detail and a line showing the flight plan is superimposed on it. The line stops at a point on the map and the target building is highlighted. FROHIKE and LANGLY look at each other.

LANGLY Byers. Your flight’s going to make an unscheduled stop. In exactly 22 minutes.


FROHIKE Corner of Liberty and Washington, Lower Manhattan.


Onboard the aircraft. BYERS and BYERS SR are trying to keep their voices low.

BYERS World Trade Center. He turns to his father BYERS SR. They’re going to crash it into the World Trade Center.

I will not spoil the ending, but there you have it. Six months before the attacks of 9/11, on primetime television the events of that fateful day were spelled out in excruciating detail. What does this all mean? Mere coincidence? That would be the greatest coincidence in the history of mankind. Is Chris Carter – the creator of X Files and The Lone Gunmen somehow clairvoyant? Highly unlikely but if you go back and watch the original show, you’ll find out this wasn’t the first time he apparently knew “what was up.” Did the show’s creators have inside information? I hope that if they did, they would have actually reported it and not just made a show out of it. Did the terrorists hiding in caves (or Saudi Arabia, whichever you choose to believe) get their idea from a low budget Fox TV show? Perhaps, but how did they get the government to play along? If not of that is true, I leave the rest of the options up to you. See: predictive programming.

What do you think? How can this logically be explained? Please leave me a comment and let me hear your thoughts. Also, please consider sharing this article so we can keep spreading the truth, and if you would, please give it a clap or two.

If you’d just like to watch the essential scenes, here they are.

If you’d like to watch the whole episode (original airdate
3 4 2001), here it is.

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Research the iLLUMiNATi Card Game

Steve Jackson - iLLUMiNATi Card Game

Steve Jackson – iLLUMiNATi Card Game
Research The Illuminati Card Game
 Research the iLLUMiNATi Card Game

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iLLUMiNATi Card Game from 1995 Exposed (1)

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iLLUMiNATi Card Game from 1995 Exposed (2)

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iLLUMiNATi Card Game from 1995 Exposed (3)

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iLLUMiNATi Card Game Combined Dissasters
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