2Pac – All Eyez On Me (Featuring Big Syke) (1996) + Idem + Idem (Nozzy E Remix) (Produced by Beat Brothers) (2019)

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All Eyez On Me (Featuring Big Syke) (1996)


Song Tekst

Hank, Beugard, Big Sur (Yeah)
Y All Know how This, Go, you Know (Alright, Alright)
All Eyes on me, OG (Original Gangster)
Roll Up in the Club and Sh (is that Right?)
All Eyes on me
All Eyes on me
Ay you Know What?
I bet you got it Twisted, you don T Know Who to Trust
So many Player Hatin’, Tryna Sound like us
Say they Ready for the Funk, but I don T think they Knowin
Straight to the Depths of Hell is where them Cowards goin’
Well, are you Still Down? Holla when you see me
And let these Devils be Sorry for the Day they Finally freed me
I got A Caravan of B Every Time we Ride
Hittin’ Up when we Pass By


All Eyez On Me (Featuring Big Syke)

Published 16 aug. 2011


Title All Eyez On Me
Artist 2Pac Featuring Big Syke

Album All Eyez On Me Remastered


All Eyez On Me Featuring Big Syke (Nozzy E Remix) (Produced by Beat Brothers) (2019)