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How Hitler actually escaped from WWII to South America

Sharkhunters Harry Cooper has been visiting South America, interviewing many German former servicemen. His research has discovered the story of the escape from Europe at the end of WWII of not only Adolf Hitler but many other powerful Germans. Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide in the Bunker, as we have always been told by all media. Martin Borman had them forcibly drugged and removed. Borman was the power behind The Third Reich. Hitler was a broken man, but Borman wanted to keep the Reich alive and he needed a figurehead. The last order Hitler signed was 23rd April, a week before the alleged suicide. After that Martin Borman signed all the general orders. Hitler In Argentina is the first of Harry’s books describing the details. This interview covers the story told in the book.

Trevor Roper created the suicide myth. In the mid 1980’s everyone thought Harry was nuts for investigating the survival of Hitler stories.

A witness came forward who visited Hitler in 1952. The intelligence community knew since the beginning that Hitler escaped. Good video with lots of details that hang together the story. U Boats and 90 foot sailing vessels were travelling from Norway to the same port in South America all through the way. Juan Peron was very pro-German. The German traffic continued to South America for two years after 1947. They used a Brazilian Island 1000 miles off the mainland for watering and food replenishment. Harry visited the island, saw the remains of the radio station built there by the Germans.

He visited the little town where Hitler lived from 1945 until at least 1955. 700 miles south west of Buenos Aires, an extremely remote and beautiful place. Harry visited there in 2008. You could have thought you were in Bavaria. Some locals spoke in German. Harry heard songs once sung by U-Boat crews going out on patrol. People openly Nazi-saluting, celebrations of Hitler’s birthday well into the 1990’s and maybe beyond. The sons of Nazis are still alive there and their grand children.

Hitler was a charismatic figurehead that Borman wanted to use. Borman was the secret operator in the shadows. He had the escape plans being readied from 1943. Borman was not liked, was referred to as ‘the pig’. He and Goering were enemies.

Some details about Admiral Kanaris, who was head of the Abwehr in WWII, had been around the places Hitler ended up when he was escaping from the Falklands Island battle of 1915. Doenitz said we have found a Shangri La for the Fuhrer. Hitler’s place of escape was built by Mercedes Benz of Argentina. Once Hitler left the place around 1960, no one else ever lived there. Harry picked the locks and went in and took pictures of where Hitler lived, which are on his website http://sharkhunters.com.

Borman, Mengele all got away while others like Doenitz, Himmler, Goebels and Goering took the fall. Mengele’s back garden was next to Peron’s back garden. Germany was strongly entrenched in South America. It was the natural place for the escapees to go. Borman backed Peron into power. Hundreds of millions of dollars were channelled into Argentina. Borman had all the codes to the secret bank accounts. In South America, they all know Hitler and Borman escaped there. Only in Europe and America do people think you’re crazy for believing such stories.

At 47 minutes, the true story of Hess parachuting into Scotland is covered. The historian who wrote the story, Higham (?), was killed the day he was about to publish the true Hess story. He was on a peace mission to drop an offer to the King of England. They wanted to keep the war going, so he was captured as he landed, and imprisoned and the story bottled up.

Sharkhunters has members from 77 countries. Motto: ‘Yesterday’s enemies are today’s friends’. It’s an organisation of veterans who want peace, which is opening up barriers left over from the past.

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Hitler’s Escape to Argentina – A conversation with Harry Cooper

Published on Feb 19, 2016

Today we are joined by Harry Cooper, who has investigated the Hitler suicide myth for decades with cutting-edge primary research, indicating that Hitler & his inner circle survived and re-settled in South-America, as disclosed in his three books on the matter. In the first half, we converse about the escape, addressing such questions as: When did Hitler flee the bunker? How did they get away? What route was used? For how long was this planned? Who knew and was involved? Was it sanctioned by the Allies? What did exile-Germans know? And other relevant matters. We even learn that Eva Braun may have been alive as late as in 2012!

Hitler’s Escape to Argentina – A conversation with Harry Cooper (S01P06A)
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Hitler in Argentina with Harry Cooper, February 24, 2014

Published on 19 mrt. 2015

Dr. Stan talks with Harry Cooper from sharkhunters.com, discussing the very real possibility that Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann and many more thousands of Nazi’s were allowed to flee Germany towards the end of WWII and escape to South America and other places as well (through the aid of the Vatican) as part of the ‘Power Elite: and the Secret Nazi Plan‘ by Dennis L. Cuddy Ph.D.


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  1. This story is garbage. Hitler died in the Berlin bunker in 1945. Harry Cooper has got all his facts wrong. As for the photo of the old man… That is NOT Adolf Hitler! Where does this photo come from and who does it show? You can buy a copy from Getty Images. This is the caption: ‘Caption: 29th May 1943: an elderly resident of the Bishopswood Home in Highgate, north London, having a rest in an armchair, with his handkerchief shielding his face. Original Publication: Picture Post – 1446 – Aged People And The War – pub. 1943 (Photo by Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Getty Images).’

    You can check out the picture on the Getty website at: http://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/an-elderly-resident-of-the-bishopswood-home-in-highgate-news-photo/3301370

    The rest of the book is like that – sloppy and inaccurate.

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