Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan & Leo Wanta – Intel Update, August 29th 2018 + Truth Rampage! Lee Wanta Will End The Fed! Boom!

UNited States Federal Reserve System (foto South Florida Reporter))

Intel Update, August 29th 2018

Leo Wanta Truth Rampage! Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (8-29-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 12:24 PM ES

Truth Rampage! Lee Wanta Will End The Fed! Boom!

As promised, Leo Wanta came on the radio show with Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb and they all dropped massive truth bombs! This is a MUST listen and share broadcast! Make sure all of you tweet this to @potus and @realdonaldtrump so he hears this one for sure! These three men can put most of the deep state in prison and recover more than $100 trillion dollars in ill gotten gains! That’s why all three of them have had numerous murder attempts on them and controlled opposition such as Alex Jones censors all of their information for Bush Scherff! Now we know from the TrannyGate video Alex Jones is likely blackmailed and that’s why he flipped on Sandy Hook, Michael Obama, Pizzagate and much more!

Some of the topics Wanta talked about were as follows:

He explains the Wanta funds and how he was involved in this operation to bankrupt the old Soviet Union!

How Wanta was illegally imprisoned and almost killed in a prison by agents of the Bush Scherff Nazi family!

We will have no national debt when this money is returned to the US Treasury from those who stole it!

The true history of the United States you never heard!

How the Clintons were direct assets of the CIA and the Bush Scherff family!

and much much more! Get this EVERYWHERE patriots so the fakes like Sean Hannity can’t continue to lie for the Bushes!

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