Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, July 7th 2018 + Swamp Attacks Jordan! Q Fake! + Q Postarchive (PDF) + David Brock – Private & Confidential (PDF)

Intel Briefing, July 7th 2018

Vimeo, Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 1:48 PM EST

Swamp Attacks Jordan! Q Fake!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb go over the very latest in todays intelligence briefing. Some of the stuff covered is as follows.

Jim Jordan’s nephew, Eli Stckley was killed Thursday night when his 2004 Nissan Frontier pickup left the roadway on Interstate 74 in Henry County Illinois. Was he killed by the deep state?

Tom doesn’t know yet for sure but usually there are no coincidences and Jim Jordan had just exposed swamp creature Rod Rosenstein on live TV. As soon as this happens Jim Jordan is hit with allegations he knew about sexual abuse by a team doctor while he was coach at Wisconsin in the mid 80s! Then his nephew is killed in a car crash. Was he run off the road or did they take control of the vehicle’s electronic throttle by wire system and simply floor the accelerator? If they did this, he would have had no choice but to go off the road to stop the truck. It needs to be investigated fully to make sure no other car hit Eli’s vehicle and it wasn’t going at a high rate of speed as would be indicated if they remotely floored the accelerator.

Tom goes over the Supreme Court pick – who Trump SHOULD pick and who he should NEVER pick. Trump should NEVER in a million years pick Bush stooge Brett Kavanaugh who the fake news is pushing!

Tom also covers the fake QAnon who says to “Trust Sessions” who is a Senior Executive Services (SES) traitor who just let Awan off the hook! QAanon is not exposing anything to do with the Bush Scherffs or Senior Executive Services (SES) same as Alex Jones so right there you know he’s 100% fake and put there so patriots believe a savior is going to do the work of spreading the truth and they can go back to the matrix! Anybody who doesn’t hold QAnon and Alex Jones’ feet to the fire for not exposing SES will be responsible if we lose the fight. SES is the deep state! Keep spreading the truth out there and email me at if Alex runs from you when you email him at So far he’s running from all patriots who ask him why he’s censoring SES!

The false prophecies of Q! Those pushing the Q fairy tale are fools or on payroll!

American Intelligence Media – Conned by a Sophisticated Psyop

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TRIGGER ALERT. Betsy and Thomas continue with their analysis of the biggest psyop of modern time- Q.

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