Cor Hendriks – De Red Pill (2): Feminisme

In deze aflevering wil ik me concentreren op de film ‘The Red Pill’ van Cassie Jaye.

Delen uit de video zijn op het internet te vinden in de ruwe versie, zoals (13:54) ‘Is Feminism Abusive To Women? | Honey Badger Brigade #RPRF’ van Cassie Jaye, gepubliceerd op 30 okt. 2017 (49.147 v; 502 r); (7:01) ‘How can a man be raped? | Harry Crouch #RPRF’ van Cassie Jaye, gepubliceerd op 11 sep. 2017 (38.936 v; 823 r); (41:21) ‘Institutionalized Domestic Violence Double Standards | Harry Crouch #RPRF’ van Cassie Jaye, gepubliceerd op 7 mei 2018 (16.014 v; 301 r).

Zie ‘The Red Pill Review’ van Armoured Skeptic, gepubliceerd op 6 mrt. 2017 (715.666 v; 4.390 r). (16:37):

Armoured Skeptic – The Red Pill Review

Gepubliceerd op 6 mrt. 2017

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De film wordt besproken in de volgende video’s: (1:13:40) ‘Take The Red Pill | Cassie Jaye and Stefan Molyneux’ van Stefan Molyneux, gepubliceerd op 9 dec. 2016 (287.982 views; 1.208 reacties). Tekst: ‘”When feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs. Jaye had only heard about the Men’s Rights Movement as being a misogynist hate-group aiming to turn back the clock on women’s rights, but when she spends a year filming the leaders and followers within the movement, she learns the various ways men are disadvantaged and discriminated against. The Red Pill challenges the audience to pull back the veil, question societal norms, and expose themselves to an alternate perspective on gender equality, power and privilege.” Cassie Jaye is the founder of Jaye Bird Productions and the director of the award-winning documentaries “Daddy I Do” (which examined the Abstinence-Only Movement versus Comprehensive Sex Education) and “The Right to Love: An American Family” (which followed one family’s activism fighting for same-sex marriage rights in California). Her latest project “The Red Pill” which examines the Men’s Rights Movement and gender equality. The Red Pill Movie: (13:07) ‘The Red Pill- Movie Review!!’ Van Zoe Does Life, gepubliceerd op 7 apr. 2017 (167.664 v; 1.533 reacties). Tekst: ‘I decided to finally sit down and watch ‘The Red Pill’ documentary by film maker Cassie Jaye. This is my review of it. I really enjoyed the film and I even though I am interested in mens issues, I wasn’t that familar with MRAs prior to watching this so it was a good insight to get into the world of mens rights. Believe it or not, this film as actually been banned from multiple venues by feminists- crazy stuff. What do you think? Have you been red pilled?’

Cassie Jaye

Cassie Jaye

In Australië was de aanval van de media op de film bijzonder heftig, zie (15:57) ‘Cassie Jaye vs The Disgusting People of the Mainstream Media’ van Independent Man, gepubliceerd op 13 jun. 2017 (307.131 v; 1.998 r).

De film heeft impact, d.w.z. is Red-pilling, zoals blijkt uit de video (26:18) ‘FEMINIST WATCHES “THE RED PILL” (MEN’S RIGHTS) MOVIE!!! 💊’ Van LizziesAnswers, gepubliceerd op 11 aug. 2018 (21.106 views; 686 reacties). Tekst: ‘I FINALLY caved and watched the RED PILL movie about the Men’s Rights Activist Movement!! Yuppppp “men’s rights movement!” As a life-long FEMINIST and Women Empower-er this movie shook my worldview!! EVERYONE will be shocked my final conclusion!!’

Een andere positieve reactie is (6:30) ‘taste “the red pill” (men’s rights documentary by a feminist)’ van Shoe0nHead, gepubliceerd op 1 mei 2017 (1.579.797 views; 11.596 reacties). Tekst: ‘an eye opening, informative, gripping, cringe inducing, crazy, sad documentary all of my audience should watch.’

De meeste video’s zijn van vrouwen, zoals (17:57) ‘On men, women and r/TheRedPill’ van karen straughan, gepubliceerd op 26 mei 2015 (173.886 views; 2.362 reacties).

Een bespreking van de film is de video (28:12) ‘Are the Cards Stacked Against Men?: Censored Filmmaker Speaks Out (Ep. 12 | Season 3)’ van TheFallenState, gepubliceerd op 4 jan. 2017 (121.712 views; 913 reacties). Tekst: ‘Are men and fathers losing their way in our society? Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with filmmaker Cassie Jaye to discuss her eye-opening documentary, “The Red Pill,” which examines the impact of feminism on men. Do fathers get a fair shot at raising their kids? Does our society set men up for success or failure? Are Western women experiencing major disadvantages compared to Western men? Jesse and Cassie tackle this and much more on this episode of TheFallenState TV. For more information on The Red Pill documentary, visit:

Een andere bespreking is de video (9:34) ‘My Thoughts on “The Red Pill” Documentary & The Issues at Hand’ van NollaGirl504, gepubliceerd op 29 jun. 2017 (71.335 views; 887 reacties). Tekst: ‘I watched “The Red Pill” and I will give my commentary on the documentary and the issues at hand.’

Een mannelijk perspectief wordt gegeven door (10:48) ‘The Red Pill Movie Rebuttals: Katherine Spillar’ van An Ear for Men, gepubliceerd op 21 mrt. 2017 (67.437 v; 609 reacties). VIMEO

Screenshot AMTV (20-10-18)

Screenshot AMTV (20-10-18)

Meer sarcastisch is de video (12:37) ‘Life Would Be Great If ALL MEN Had a 9PM Curfew!’ Van Timcast, gepubliceerd op 3 okt. 2018 (38.832 v; 1.884 r).

Een satirische video is (24:13) ‘The Red Pill Documentary | Down the Rabbit Hole’ van Cheshire Cat Studios, gepubliceerd op 12 aug. 2017 (60.250 v; 568 r). Tekst: ‘We’ve been asked for our opinions of the Cassie Jaye documentary, “The Red Pill”. Given our often grim view of modern ‘victimhood’ feminism, as well as the events of GamerGate and the The Last Night controversy, we were more than happy to watch the film. Nat and LaughingMan are joined by Wade (aka: AggresiveDuck, yes with one ‘s’), and what we watched was nothing short of upsetting, but not the least bit surprising. Having seen male friends and male family members victims of domestic abuse, LaughingMan knows well the legal and social uphill battles that battered husbands often face. Oh, and the conversation naturally leads to the VidCon fiasco where the infamous Anita Sarkeesian called Internet skeptic Sargon of Akkad a “Garbage Human”… Because why not. Well actually, it’s entirely relevant: The outright dismissive attitudes during Anita Sarkeesian’s panel’s QA session is indicative of the problem that many in the feminist movement simply aren’t willing to have their ideology challenged.’

De in deze video genoemde Laci Green maakte zich impopulair door het maken van kritische video’s, zoals (9:58) ‘TAKING THE RED PILL?’ Van lacigreen, gepubliceerd op 11 mei 2017 (1.950.073 v; 22.236 reacties). ‘i’m back! oh boy. SUMMARY[:] In this video, Laci Green discusses her approach to feminism in more detail, highlighting a departure she makes from what appears to be majority opinion: skepticism. She goes on to describe her history on YouTube, contextualizing her recent experiences with “anti-SJW” YouTubers. She critiques the idea that political adversaries should not be talked to, and argues that forms of censorship are replacing real engagement with offensive political ideas. To illustrate her point, she discusses recent free speech controversies within the feminist/anti-feminist spheres: Milo Yiannopolous and the philosophy journal Hypatia. At the end of the video, she makes an announcement.’ (10:43) ‘Caught between extremes. [Red Pill 2]’ van lacigreen, gepubliceerd op 26 mei 2017 (721.739 v; 8888 r). ‘more on why i’m “red pilling”. in short, i’ve seen some shit. SUMMARY[:] In this video, Laci Green shares some personal context of her Red Pill video and why she is opening the conversation. She shares some of her intimate experiences with the extremist factions on both sides of the feminist/anti-feminist conversation. She relates her experience to broader political polarization, explains her philosophy of communication and bridge-building, and invites antis and feminists to share their perspective in her next video.’ (2:01:45) ‘Laci Green LIVE: Red Pilling, Sex, and Constructive Dialogue’ van The Rubin Report, Live gestreamd op 14 jul. 2017 (587.023 v; 5.047 r). Tekst: ‘Laci Green (YouTube Creator) joins Dave Rubin live in studio to discuss social justice warriors, politics and her recent awakening, gender, sex, and more.’ (10:18) ‘LACI GREEN TAKING THE RED PILL! TRIGGERED!’ Van Liron Jenkins, gepubliceerd op 19 mei 2017 (93.508 v; 659 r). Tekst: ‘Laci Green took the red pill. Holy mother of jesus. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? But seriously. Respect points to you Laci Green. I have to say this was unexpected, but it was the most pleasant of surprises. YOU GO GURLLL. Cheers to more open dialogue in the future! If you’re not sexist, subscribe to my channel for new videos every week! Herpderp[.] A comment and like would also be greatly appreciated c:’. (6:33) ‘Reactions To Laci Greens Change Of Opinion’ van Zoe Does Life, gepubliceerd op 8 jun. 2017 (139.540 v; 788 r). Tekst: ‘SJW Feminists react to Laci Green taking the ‘Red Pill.’ I discuss some of the vitriolic tweets and reactions to Laci Green simply changing her opinon. The irony & the hypocrisy of their tweets and their disturbing wish to silence her. Criticizing feminism seems to be almost blasphemy in their eyes, it’s very cultish if you ask me. Especially within intersectional feminist circles. What do you think?’

Screenshot Real Coffee with Scott Adams (5-10-18)

Screenshot Real Coffee with Scott Adams (5-10-18) (13:04) ‘FEMINISM IS FOR POOPYHEADS!!1!! Re: Kat Blaque’ van Shoe0nHead, gepubliceerd op 30 aug. 2017 (1.128.062 v; 8.279 r). (18:01) ‘The Red Pill: The Strange Art of Men’s Rights Activism (Part 1)’ van Big Joel, gepubliceerd op 27 apr. 2018 (101.485 v; 3.121 r). (13:57) ‘Does Feminism Work On Men’s Issues? | Big Red #RPRF’ van Cassie Jaye, gepubliceerd op 23 okt. 2017 (78.805 v; 2.838 r). Tekst: ‘The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues. Each interviewee is speaking for themselves alone and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Jaye Bird Productions or Cassie Jaye; views may also have changed since this footage was filmed. This footage has been trimmed, but only minimally in order to create a more viewer-friendly experience. If the interview subject is seen in a favorable or unfavorable light, that is simply the viewer’s experience when listening to the speaker and is not a result of any creative or manipulative editing by Jaye Bird Productions.’ (27:12) ‘Big Red & Cassie Jaye, a response’ van HoneyBadgerRadio, gepubliceerd op 29 okt. 2017 (30.718 v; 627 r). Oh my! Link to Juvie sexual abuse:

[The Liberty Hound (28-10-18)] (14:20) ‘Trans Cyclist Wins WORLD Championship, Tucker Questions Her “Right to Compete”’ van The Liberty Hound, gepubliceerd op 28 okt. 2018 .

Een man wint bij vrouwenwielrennen (The Liberty Hound 28-10-18)

Een man wint bij vrouwenwielrennen (The Liberty Hound 28-10-18)

Voor een dieper op de problemen ingaande video, zie (1:00:21) ‘Feminists and MRAs discuss The Red Pill (documentary) in Norwich, England – Jan 18, 2017’ van Cassie Jaye, gepubliceerd op 27 jan. 2017 (237.364 v; 1.948 r). Tekst: ‘This is the Q&A that took place following the January 18, 2017 screening of ‘The Red Pill’ documentary in Norwich, England. The event was hosted by Barry Wright and the panelists (left to right) include: Filmmaker of ‘The Red Pill’, Cassie Jaye. Author and founder of the first women’s shelter, Erin Pizzey. Founder of A Voice For Men, Paul Elam. Feminist and founder of Empowerment Theatre company, Lucinda Bray. Phd researcher specializing in feminist concepts in gender and identity construction at Anglia Ruskin University, Jessica Austin. Founder of Justice For Men and Boys, Mike Buchanan. Speaker and founder of, Katy Jon Went. Popular Youtuber and Honey Badger, Dr. Randomercam. and event host & video content provided by: Barry Wright. In the spirit of open discussion and debate around gender issues, the panelists were deliberately chosen based on their ideological diversity. Therefore, please note that each panelist is speaking for themselves and not for the entire group.’

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