Dylan Louis Monroe – Corona Virus Map + Great Awakening Report – Interview with the Corona Virus 5G Map Maker DYLAN LOUIS MONROE

Corona Virus (foto tenor.com)

Corona Virus Map


SPECIAL REPORT: Interview with the Corona Virus 5G Map Maker DYLAN LOUIS MONROE

Published on 8 jun. 2020

Great Awakening Report:
Special Report Interview with Dylan Monroe latest creation Corona Virus 5G Map. Dylan walks us through his intuitive design and explains the history of Viruses, the current Corona Virus Global Pandemic connections to 5G technology, and the future threats of forced vaccinations. Corona Virus 5G Map is the most comprehensive and detailed Mind Map to date. Exposing all the corrupt global elements infiltrating governments, businesses, and societies in every nation.

Dylan Louis Monroe is A US based intuitive Artist and truth advocate. He is the creator of the Deep State Mapping Project, A grassroots information dissemination program working to accelerate the Great Awakening in concert with Qanon and the Galactic Federation. His “Q Webdiagram has spread virally since 2018, becoming A Worldwide phenomenon.

Visit Dylan S website to download Corona Virus Map https://DeepStateMappingProject.com/


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