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VIDEO: Ukraine Troops SURRENDER En Masse, WHITE WHITE FLAGS on Tanks

Hundreds of Ukrainian Troops, Display  White Flags on their Tanks and Infantry Vehicles, Surrendered en Masse to Russia Today. More and More Common as Troops See with their Own Eyes, it is Hopeless to Continue Fighting.

Video from the Battlefield shows the Mass Surrender.

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Hal Turner

The Hal Turner Show, 30 July 2023

VIDEO: Ukrainian Troops Surrender en Masse, WHITE FLAGS on Tanks

Ukrainian Soldiers Today Surrendered en Masse to Russia with White Flags on their Tanks and Infantry Vehicles. The Troops are Increasingly Seeing with their Own Eyes that it is Hopeless to Continue Fighting, reports Hal Turner


This Message is Fresh Off the Press and I have Not Come Cross Any Confirmation or More Information Yet. So for Now I‘m Ricent, although I would Not Know How eEse to Interpret these Images as Indeed A Massive Ukrainian Surrender. As Soon as I have More Details I’ll Let you Kow.

Video Footage from the Battlefield shows the Mass Surrender.

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Front Nieuws,


Immortal Then it’s probably time for the Space Alien! The timing is right.

July 30, 2023 at 06:43 PM
Putin has long been asking where Zelensky is?
Does anyone know where he is?
Not in Kyiv.

Yes, he is now counting his money that Rutte and the EU have given, but now we still have to pay for the war damage, because it was also our war, Rutte said.

You can set your watch to it. Just watch that so called invasion with holograms will come and everyone will look for help from the government and they will suddenly make 1 world government.

30,2023 at 04:34 PM
I hope they finally realize that fighting against the Russian Bear is pointless. And let himself be killed by the influence of A Puppet Jew who enriches himself enormously. Hopefully the Ukrainian soldiers will see that their lives depend on surrendering to RU.

George III
August 2, 2023 at 00:43
It’s better to eat than fight, the bear

Klappe Pimpen


And death is just broken.

Klappe Pimpen

Firmly convinced that the Ru treated these Ukra soldiers well. Let’s hope everything stays human.

Simon Steven

Should be “Treats ;-)


With a capital T ???🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️🤷 ♂️


As far as I know that has never happened in all the wars.


Unfortunately, this is a prisoner exchange from A long time ago. Old video that has been circulating the net for a long time (…)


WVE, Well and alertly noted, you could be right, Trump would have said fakenews!


it must be true because the msm was so quiet about the conflict.
depending on the location, russia may make a considerable advance here.


it now seems that the first impression was wrong and that it was a prisoner exchange.
in the search for facts you sometimes come across something that later turns out to be incorrect.


Take A good look at the images with a critical eye (…).two columns of soldiers going in the opposite direction (…)just at the contact line prisoner exchange. As previously reported, old video. Thought that was itself confirmed by MoD of Russia.


That about exchange could be right
See two groups going in opposite direction
When they surrender they would all go the same way, wouldn’t they?


One thing is for sure, all those men will survive and the Russians are smart enough to get the hidden cowardly Nazis out.
Also a nice war booty, so many tanks undamaged in Russian hands. They won’t be happy about that in the west.


Last video is prisoner exchange.

Cool Pete

This is a Trade off of POWs.

Unfortunately, no mention is made of this surrender and it is A waste of our tax billions that Rutte has lost, given away to an idiot who sacrificed his own people to increase his capital through the generosity of Brussels idiots in power. However, nobody cares worried in the rest of Europe that the many billions have been burned in A frenzy war by Russia who think they are being attacked by drones on Mosco () which would have exploded However this news was expanded on the news today So they are out on igniting WWIII in the Brussels stronghold, millions of people will die The tanks they leave behind are the reward for Putin who also does not go unpunished and does not ask for a dead more or less!!!!!!

Peter Last

Hello, I think this is about the exchange of prisoners.
Just look at the two groups, both walking in different directions.


Finally A positive video.
Hopefully these men will not be killed, and in time they will be able to live again.
Their wives are probably abroad (). Maybe here in the Netherlands, because the men were not allowed to leave, many died, while the women do not even know this () many women say that they have not had contact with their men for months () That doesn’t look good, if you see the pictures of all the cemeteries ()
Many English and other “Fighting Nationalities” have already left as soon as the situation allowed.
Here too you can find films of how stupid and wrong the war is estimated by the Ukrainians, they are completely blinded to reality. They are professional kamikaze decisions totally blinded by hatred against the Russians () And then make decisions that are often deadly.
The foreigners have had enough of that () and leave ()
Now we still see this during the great counter-action that was so much fuss about ()
Their situation is () hopeles () incompetent, insufficiently trained, insufficient ammunition and completely blind to reality, and thus prey to death () these soldiers surrender .
I wish them well under Russian captivity.‼️

August 2, 2023 at 09:03
I stand by it if we the people just didn’t get involved the war would never have started.

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