Knowledgeispower – 👿 👹 Satanic 2022 Complete Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony with A Bull They Worship: Baal

👿 👹 Satanic 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Complete with A Bull They Worship: Baal

Published May 14 2023
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The 2022 Commonwealth Games Kicked Off with Satanic Baal Worship Ceremony Showing the Fall of Satan and Appearing as the Beast as in Revelation 13 Continuing to Revelation 17 with the Whore of Babylon. They are Uniting All Nations to Defy God and Rebuild the halted Tower of Babel.

This Video will put Things into Perspective and Connect the Dots.”Is King Charles the Anti Christ? Scripture, The World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset, the UN is ALL Connected–is-king-charles-the-anti-christ-scripture-the-world-economic-forum-wef-kla.html
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