Jerald Intrator – Satan In High Heels (1962) ♦️+ Satan in High Heels (1962) (B&W) (Full Exploitation Movie)

Satan in High Heels (1962) ♦️

Published 25 Jan 2023

Video Kill ♦️ Your ♦️ TV in High Heels


Satan in High Heels (1962) (Full Exploitation Movie) (B&

Published 24 jun 2020

Groovy Graveyard

A Carnival Burlesque Dancer, Meg Myles, Robs her Junkie Ex Husband, Goes to New York, Gets A Job at A High Class Club Where she Becomes the Mistress of the Wealthy Owner. She Seduces his Son and Causes A Murder. Pin Up Queen, Meg Myles is Great as A Trashy Carny Stripper with Great Production Value Who Makes A Grab at the Brass Ring. She’ll Stop at Nothing to Get What she Wants () Even Murder!Look Out for Voluptuous British Glamour Gai Sabrina, as A Feature Dancer. Great Cast Also Includes Grayson Hall, Robert Yuro, Del Tenney, and Mike Keene.

Carny – Burlesque


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