FD Signifier – Spike Lee Tried to Warn Us (…)

Spike Lee Tried to Warn Us (…) Published 10 jan 2024 FD Signifier Please Support Me by Signing Up for Nebula http://go.nebula.tv/fdsignifier Watch my Nebula Original on the Boondocks Here https://nebula.tv/videos/workingtitle… Watch my Vaulted Video on Tupac https://nebula.tv/videos/signifiedbsi… This Video looks at the 2000’s Spike Lee Film “Bamboozled” and Examines What It says about the Concept of “Co*ning” AKA Being A Black Person Who Explicitly works Against the Interests of Oher Black People. How and why do Co*ns Do What They Do? What should We Understand about Them in Order to Address the Harm that They Do? 00:00 I almost Quit YouTube last year 02:48 A quick look at the career of Spike Lee 10:39 Explaining Bamboozled (1) 20:22 A quick aside on Black Radicalism 24:26 Explaining Bamboozled (2) 29:34 What is a Co*n? 44:44 Explaining Bamboozled (3) 51.48 Are we Too Hard on Co*ns? 59:48 Bamboozled’s Hidden Message Edited by @NeedlessNick Featuring @Mannof1000Thoughts , @victorythecreator , and @Readus101 Audio support @ForeignManinaForeignLand Works cited Tyler Perry and the Mantan Manifesto Critical Race Theory and the Permanence of Cinematic Anti Blackness https://imixwhatilike.files.wordpress… In Defense of Uncle Tom Why Blacks Must Police Racial Loyalty by Brandon Starkey https://www.amazon.com/Defense-Uncle-… What should Black folk … Meer lezen over FD Signifier – Spike Lee Tried to Warn Us (…)