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Patriots and Frog Family

We ARE prepared!  This storm is going to be especially brutal but we can survive it and any attacks thrown our way.  I know I sound like A broken record but the Q drops can not only guide you thru this storm but help you get A better grip on the Plan.  We need to stay ready and united because there will be more pain before we come into the Light.

This weekend President Trump has two rallies () interesting that he will have two Rallies One Day Apart.  10|8|22 Minden, Nevada  and 10|9|22 Mesa, Arizona.  Please make sure you have A notepad ready to write down the comms he will be sending our way. Get A group together and do this all together. Did you ever wonder why certain sites were chosen? At particular times? Remember we already decided that there are no coincidences. I bet if we did our research we could see just what the significance to each of Trump S rallies.  This is where you put on two ball caps and think both logically and strategically.

I found this post from Whiplash347 extremely interesting.  It is actually loaded with information.  Look at who is and isn T A member of the 17 countries.
We have been told that General Flynn will lead 17 Militaries to the World S biggest Military Coup signed off at the HAGUE, International Court of Justice, and make the Global Mass Arrests.  The World will be under US Military Law until those who uphold the Law have trained in 1776.

Every country will be liberated.  Those 17 countries that are in the coalition are USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and North Korea.

These are the four new beasts in Daniel that arise out of the ocean and they did not know who they were then.  This is how QUANTUM GESARA IS ACTIVATED.”

Now put that together with Whip S repost of A MAJOR CURVE BALL is about to happen.⛑

Trump play S impartial.
Get Biden to declare War on Ukraine & joining Russia is indirectly declaring War on England and Israel.
Remaining left flip Red because they were supporting Ukraine.
End of the Democrats.
Ends all of the Military Treaties and Acts after 1871.
Flip the Election.

Are you seeing yet how the Plan is playing out?  Do you see the sheep waking up and turning on Biden S Dictatorship?  Do you see the many Twists and Turns in this “Movie”?  Many things must come to pass to take us out of the darkness and into the Light. We will need to experience A near death of civilization to awaken the masses.  Is that what we are now feeling???  that things can T possibly get any worse?  But me thinks things are going to drop even lower.  Apparently it is necessary to let it all sink in to us all.

Did you ever wonder why Trump has to “Appear to Look Impartial” and why it was always important to have all this happen on Biden S watch?  Think logically () you know this answer.   Is it frustrating for us (at least for me) that we know that Trump is our President and can T be seen to the world as it. I honestly have A hard time with the fact that some sheep truly believe that Biden is the real president. If they believe that then why aren T they rising up to impeach him?

My point here, Frogs, is that, if I am reading and translating the comms right, we are about to hit the bumpiest of roads coming up. Certain things and events MUST be played out whether we agree with them or not. Take NOW to recheck your supplies, food, water, meds, pet supplies, et cetera.  Stay read (…) Stay Alert (…) Keep your head on A swivel when you are not at home.  Be aware of everything around you.  Our survival is necessary to help create and lead the new future.  We CAN and WILL survive to lead our children and all future generations into a future of Freedom and Light. October is going to hold some surprises.  If you have been paying attention you will see and understand that Amajor CURVE BALL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

These are believed to be New Tesla Energy Towers being built in Russia. ✨⚡️👁⚡️✨

Tesla (1)

Tesla (2)

Tesla (3)

Tesla (4)

Hier zie je een Toren met een Monster Zoom en Bliksem (…)

The New Golden Age of New Earth is becoming More Physical, Flying Cars, Healing Machines, Self Sustainable Homes, Natural Remedies, Nutritional Foods, Home Gardening, Sacred Relationships, Knowledge of Self Education, Multid Dmensional Traveling, Cosmic Exploration, Hovercrafts, QFS, New Internet, No Harmful Radiation, Abundance in Gold, Abundance in Everything, Free Energy and Much More ()  🙏🏽

Envision seeing this in your physical reality, 3 Million Volts discharged in new Tesla coil Tower. ⚡️

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