Weekend Warrior – The Cabal (1) t/m (3) (Best viewed in full)

The Cabal (1)

In première gegaan op 20 mrt. 2020

We will save Pizza freaks for last. Lets get to know who’s been running things first.

Q’s plan to save the World


The Cabal (2)

Published on 20 mrt. 2020

Gonna be a series I have a lot to share.


The Cabal (3)

In première gegaan op 21 mrt. 2020

Don’t watch unless you’re ready to be red pilled. No going back.

Seems like YouTube removed my discussion section where I can leave messages.
The child sacrifices have been going on for 6.000 years, it’s not new.
We may be knew to knowing about it.
Take a step back find away to have a laugh. Go out in nature, if not what ever it is that can get your mind off the evil. Be positive because we finally have a POTUS that cares.

Watch this after. Something positive https://vimeo.com/365855321.
Not mine, but I like it.


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