WeAreChangeRotterdam – Bilderberg 2018 Turin with Tony Gosling + “Ze hebben een psychiater nodig!” Tony Gosling in Bilderberg Hotel

De Bilderberg (foto Facebook)

Bilderberg 2018 Official Agenda & Translation

Bilderberg 2018 Official Agenda & Translation (foto Facebook)

Henry Kissinger (foto Facebook)

Henry Kissinger (foto Facebook)

David Rockefeller (foto Facebook)

David Rockefeller (foto Facebook)

Prince Bernard (foto Facebook)

Prince Bernard (foto Facebook)

Bilderberg 2018 Turin with Tony Gosling

Bilderberg 2018 Turin with Tony Gosling!

WeAreChange.NL was interviewed by Tony Gosling for radio Bristol in 2018 shortly after the Bilderberg Conference in Turin.

What is Bilderberg?
How was reporting Bilderberg from Turin?
Why were there no protests? No 5StarMovement?
Why is Bilderberg not reported on in the Main Stream Media?

Dutch Newspaper article 1957
Editors in Chief Conference
The “Bilderberg” at Arnhem was held, aimed more or less for the same goal. These were organized to cooperate in taking away distrust, that according to many, was threatening to jeopardize the post War work of the Western allies. The Prince (Bernhard) pointed out that in these meetings everyone had to be able to be speaking with complete candour. The attending leading journalistic figures were aware that, A private nature of these meetings was desirable.

Facebook, 1 juni 2020


Ze hebben een psychiater nodig! Tony Gosling in Bilderberg Hotel

Hotel De Bilderberg(foto Facebook)
Hotel De Bilderberg (foto Facebook)

Tony Gosling (foto Facebook)

Tony Gosling (foto Facebook)

Wat zeg je? Martin Bormann & Bilderberg? WeAreChangeNL ontmoette Tony Gosling, een onderzoeksjournalist, ex BBC, Bilderberg exposer en historicus (Slag bij Arnhem). Tony legt bij zijn allereerste bezoek aan het originele Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek uit over pre Bilderberg geschiedenis, zijn ervaring op Bilderberg 2000 in Brussel en over zijn brieven aan Bilderberg en het antwoord, dat hij kreeg! Oosterbeek, september 2018.

Facebook, 13 juni om 16:07


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